Talking to your Kids about Stranger Danger

Event Start Date: 2015/06/22


While the kids are out of school, a lot of families take vacations to new and exciting places. It is a chance to spend quality family time and not worry or stress about work.


However, there is a level of danger that comes with visiting a new place with your kids. Most adults cannot spot an abductor in the streets. This is because they don’t always dress or act differently. Unfortunately, children are typically very open and friendly to anyone they meet and are willing to go with someone they feel like they can trust. This is a potentially dangerous situation.


It is important to have a set of rules or guidelines for your children when you go out of town, or even at home.


1.     Share a secret code word.

         Choose a secret word that is easy for your child to remember. This way if

         someone approaches your child while they are separated from you and  

         tries to gain their trust by saying things like, “Your mom told me to come 

         get you” or “Let’s go to the movies. Your parents said it was okay,” your 

         child can ask for the secret word. If this person is truly trusted to pick up

         your child, they would know the secret word.


2.     Stay away from strangers!

         Emphasize the importance of staying away from strangers! Make sure

         your child knows who a “stranger” is and what to do if he or she is 

         approached by a stranger.


3.     Make sure your child knows of a Safe Place (or person).

         In the event that a stranger approaches your child, you want to

         make sure he or she knows who they can trust if you are not around.

         Make sure they are aware that they can call 911 if they do not feel safe.


These are just a few tips to help get you started with talking to your children about strangers. You can learn more ways to talk to your kids about their safety from the National Crime Prevention Council.


Keep your child’s health records up to date in case of emergency. Call Dr. Rezk at Rainbow Pediatrics at (850) 257-5224 to schedule your child’s appointment today!

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