Pregnant? Interview Dr.Rezk to to be Your Pediatrician

Event Start Date: 2014/09/12


You only have a couple of months to go in your pregnancy and your due date feels like it is a million miles away and yet you still feel like there is just not enough time to prepare. Your body is exhausted and your brain is overwhelmed with a barrage of worries from "Is the nursery going to be ready?" to "Am I going to be able to breastfeed?" 


So much is hitting you all at once at this time, including the prospect of finding the right pediatrician in Panama City for your family.


Who is the right doctor?  Do they take your insurance? Are they close to the hospital?


There are lot of questions to be answered which is why, Dr. Ahmed Rezk, an American Academy of Pediatrics Board Certified Pediatrician provides a FREE Prenatal Consultation to expectant mothers.


The consultation is provided not only so you can be proactive, should your baby be born earlier, but so you can have peace of mind.


Dr. Rezk knows that choosing the right pediatrician is a big decision, which is why he encourages you to interview him so all your questions are answered and your fears are alleviated.


Another advantage of interviewing your prospective pediatrician is you will be able to get a feel for the place you would be taking your child.  Is the place clean?  Does it look like the wait time would be long?  Is the front desk staff warm, friendly and helpful?


These are all questions you can have answered, just pick up the phone and call Rainbow Pediatrics in Panama City at 850-257-5544 and schedule your free consultation today. 

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