Tips For New Mommies To Be

Event Start Date: 2015/04/29


Preparing for parenthood can be scary and overwhelming for new . There are so many things to do and research. From setting up the baby’s room to the arranging daycare, there are tons of responsibilities lining up even before birth. There are a few things to remember when preparing yourself for becoming a new Mom. 

Don’t fret over the small things.

Often times new parents obsess over getting every detail right prior to baby’s arrival. You can’t possibly buy everything or put everything in place before the baby gets here. It’s okay to do some of those things once the baby arrives. Sometimes it even takes waiting for the baby’s arrival to know what you and your baby need. 

Allow others to help.

You are only one person and can only do so much within a nine month period of time. Allow your spouse or partner as well as family and friends to get involved in preparations for the baby. Let them help you pick out baby items, throw baby showers, and any other helpful things they may want to do. Use them as a support system during the pregnancy. Using free resources such as birthing classes and touring daycares also help in preparing for your baby’s arrival. 

Relax as much as possible.

Relaxation is part of creating an environment for your baby to grow and thrive during pregnancy. "What many women don't realize is that, in and of itself, pregnancy is a stressful event. Your heart rate increases, your blood volume increases, your weight increases, there is additional stress on ligaments and bones. So just the physical aspects of pregnancy can add to your load." says Calvin Hobel, MD, Vice Chairman of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Find what relaxes you the most during your pregnancy and partake in it often.

With a checklist of things to do before a baby arrives, remembering to take care of yourself is often left off. There are many people and resources in your life that can help accommodate in getting you ready. You can even visit us here at Rainbow Pediatrics and get comfortable with our office prior to your baby’s birth. Most importantly, don’t forget to relax and enjoy the quiet time.

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