Should My Child Get a Flu Shot?

Event Start Date: 2014/10/17


There are some areas of child rearing that professionals are hesitant to speak up about, the flu vaccination is not one of them.   


The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children, 6 months and older, are vaccinated for influenza (the flu) every year. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also make the same suggestion.


Sometimes parents ask, "She got the shot last year, why does she have to get it again?" 

The reason the CDC suggests an annual shot is that the immunity drops up to fifty percent, 6 to 12 months after the vaccination.  


Influenza is a very infectious disease and not to be taken lightly, especially in children. Young children are at higher risks of experiencing complications that can accompany the flu like ear and sinus infections, bacterial pneumonia, and dehydration.


Every year over 20,000 children are hospitalized due to this common illness and an average of 100 children lose their lives annually. This is an unsettling statistic when you consider these deaths could have been prevented.


The good news is that this illness is preventable and your pediatrician is eager to help you find the right vaccination for your child, as there are certain factors to take into consideration.


If you have not vaccinated your child, it is not too late, call the Rainbow Pediatrics in Panama City office at 850-257-5524.



Please note, this article is not meant to serve as medical advice but rather share information. Any medical concerns should be handled in person by your pediatrician with a physical examination, or if an emergency by calling 911. 

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