Tips for the Babysitter

Event Start Date: 2014/12/10


Babysitter Basics 


First off, getting a babysitter you can trust can be quite a task in itself, here are some places you might find leads on a babysitter.



Your local Pediatrician, dentist, or allergist office

Local church or place of worship

Your local health department

Neighborhood Groups

Mom and Parent Groups on Facebook

Word of Mouth recommendations from other parents

       Civic or Volunteer Organizations you belong to 

                                                  Online resources such as or 

   Your gym or yoga class

                                                              Local schools and teachers you trust 



Keep in mind, no matter where you get the lead, make sure you personally interview each potential care giver and feel really good about the decision.  If you have doubt, then you should probably listen to your gut. 


Secondly, when you do decide on a sitter, are they prepared in case of an emergency?


Do they have an special training such as CPR, and if so, do they know how to perform on an infant or young child?


If you have a household pet, are they comfortable with animals? 


Here is a checklist many parents find helpful: 

    (To be left with sitter)


Names of parents, home address and phone numbers 


Emergency numbers for your area (911/police/fire department/poison control)


Names and phone numbers for your pediatrician, hospital and alternative contacts


Names and phone numbers of neighbors


Special Instructions for your child such as: normal routine for meals, bath, and bedtime, medication instructions, especially if a food allergy is involved


List of your child's favorite toys or activities such as their favorite book to read or game to play


Household rules


Some other things to consider....


Before you leave your sitter alone with your small child, make sure your babysitter feels comfortable with your home, give him or her a thorough tour.  In doing this, you can make sure they know where all the first aid supplies are located, as well as the phones, exits and potential problem areas like a room that is "off limits" etc.


But above all things, make sure you as the parent and your sitter are comfortable, both parties need to be at ease for your child to get the care they deserve. 

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