Baby Proof Your Home and Keep Them Safe



Event Start Date: 2014/08/22


Baby Proof Your Home and Keep them Safe


Every year, children are seriously injured from household accidents that could be prevented. If parents take precautionary steps to minimize the risks inside the home, there would be far less trips to emergency room. 


Areas that often Need Baby Proofing are:


The Living Room


Watch out for television sets.  Make sure to mount the television set on the wall or secure them with safety straps to stable furniture. 


The Office or Den


Watch for unstable book cases and other furniture.  Avoid tip overs by mounting them to the wall and putting the heaviest objects on the lower shelves.

Watch out for the sharp edges on low lying furniture like coffee tables.  Avoid possible punctures by applying corner guards.


The Stairway and Entrances


Parents must pay special care to areas that have not been child proofed and use baby gates when needed to keep them away from stairs and other dangers. Another solution is purchasing the baby door knob locks for doors to keep them out of rooms that have not been child proofed.


The Bathroom, Kitchen and Laundry Room


Make sure to put cabinet safety locks on lower cabinets in rooms that may house bath products or cleaning supplies.  Toxic products that could poison your child if ingested should not be within their reach. 


Every Room


Make sure to cover up exposed outlets with outlet covers.  Charge your cell phones and other electronics in outlets that are elevated so the cords are not a temptation to a curious child.


Final tip?


Get down on all fours. Put yourself low to the ground so you can experience what your child might be exposed to.  Be on the lookout for items like loose change, left over food, and especially hard candies or medicines that may have inadvertently been dropped on the floor.


If you have concerns about your child's safety, don't be afraid to ask your pediatrician. Dr.Rezk would prefer you ask on your visit then go home wondering about it and potentially putting your child in harm's way. 

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